Local Flavours Tours - Discover Geneva through a 3 h chocolate tour


Taste. Indulge. Explore.

Experience Geneva’s chocolate and culture in a deliciously sweet walking tour.


chocolate tours geneva


What’s a Chocolate Tour ?

Geneva Food Tour


When you take a walk you travel slowly. You absorb more, interact more and experience more. You connect with the essence of a place.

Geneva Food Tours


Taste your way through award-winning chocolates and pastry, and learn the secrets of more than 200 years of “food of the gods” history.

Geneva Gourmet Food Tour


A city’s culinary landscape is a key repository of local culture. Get a behind-the-scenes snapshot of Geneva by hearing its story through its people and its chocolate.

Food Tours Geneva


See some of Geneva’s iconic sites but also learn about hidden gems that not even locals know about.

chocolate tours Geneva

Explore Geneva's local culture

food tours Geneva

Why Local Flavours?

Why Local Flavours?

Top Geneva Chocolate Tours


Our passionate, local foodie guides love Geneva and travelling as much as we are passionate about chocolate.

chocolate tasting Geneva


Geneva’s no. 1 food and chocolate tour on Tripadvisor. Come as a valued guest, leave as a friend.

chocolate tour Geneva


Our tours provide support to local and independently-owned chocolate artisans, helping keep the tradition alive.

Chocolate Tours Geneva

Chocolate Flavours

Chocolate Flavours


Join our delicious guided chocolate tours and experience hard-to-find, award-winning chocolates in all flavours and forms: pralines, truffles, pastry, ganaches and – in between bites – visit and learn less well-known sites and facts about Geneva.


You will never get to know and feel Geneva better than following the sweet road of chocolate together with Rosalia and her amazing chocolate tour. You can listen fascinating stories about Kings and Queens but what is truly overwhelming is that sensation of all kind of chocolates in different shapes and forms slowly melting on your tongue.If you really want to taste Geneva this tour it’s a must and I recommend it. And as someone use to say chocolate is not a substitute for love, love is a substitute for chocolate
Snejana P

What a great experience. It was so much fun!!

I wanted to see Geneva by foot and enjoy some of the best chocolate in the world – this experience provided both. It was such a fun, informative and warm spirit in the group. We laughed; we listened and we indulged in amazing chocolate. I strongly recommend this tour to both tourists and people living in Geneva!
Karin Switzerland

If you love chocolate as much as I do, then definitely do not miss this chocolate tour. It combines perfectly finding hidden treasures in the city with the true indulgence of chocolate. You will feel wiser and happier at the end of the tour! 
Carla USA

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