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Things to do in Geneva in the fall – recommended by a local

When the fall season arrives in Geneva, the whole city and the surrounding regions are enveloped by a cosy and charming atmosphere. The foliage changes to offer a range of warm colours, and a calm and peaceful ambience warms your heart. To make the most of it and to enjoy the beauty of the autumn landscapes, we share with you our best tips and suggestions to live a delightful holiday.

Experience the Wine trail in Lavaux

In the fall, in the heart of the Lavaux vineyards, a UNESCO heritage site, the Corniche Route offers a magnificent spectacle made of both mist and changing colours. During the sunny autumn days, your heart will be warmed by the leaves that change colour all along this scenic path. On the other hand, when the weather is gloomy, this beautiful region is shrouded in a halo of mystery that invites you to discover it in all its charm.

With departure from Lutry and arrival in Vevey, the narrow alley crosses the villages offering you a memorable stroll with a breathtaking scenery. By car, by foot or even by bike, let yourself be captivated by this stunning road with a unique panorama over Lake Geneva.

Our tip: For gourmet travellers, we suggest a tasty break at Le Deck restaurant, a stunning spot with an amazing view on the lake, giving you the opportunity to taste local delicacies and regional wines. Lavaux is a true melting pot where winemakers, locals and tourists meet.

Experience the Wine trail in Lavaux

Photo credit: Ottorino Michieletto

A chocolate guided tour like no other

Have you ever had the pleasure of exploring a city by tasting award-winning chocolates while enjoying the colourful red and orange autumn landscapes? By adding this sweet guided tour to your to-do list, you’ll taste the best chocolates creations in town! Moreover, the delicious food tour will take you through the Old Town and make you discover fascinating stories about Geneva’s most popular places.

In addition, you’ll have the chance to experience a famous and typical chocolate tradition of the city!

This gourmet tour of 3 hours, led by a passionate guide, is the best way to combine the delights of chocolate tasting and the discovery of many secrets about Geneva and some of its top 10 monuments.

Our practical tip: It’s maybe better if you take a light breakfast before joining the tour. You will have the opportunity to indulge yourself with throughout the visit.

A chocolate guided tour like no other

Wine tasting in Geneva’s stunning countryside

Are you aware that Geneva is the 3rd largest wine producer in Switzerland? This is why, all year round, and particularly during the autumn season, there are many events around wine.

In November, all the cellars of Peissy, an enchanting village in the heart of the Geneva countryside, open their doors to all enthusiasts to share with them their local products and their exciting experiences. Smell, taste, touch… everything is possible on St. Martin’s Day!

Our tip: For those who wish to go even further, wine workshops are organized throughout the year and this is the perfect opportunity to taste the great wines with a professional.

Wine tasting in Geneva's stunning countryside

Photo credit: Les Perrières

Take a relaxing cruise along the Rhône

The Rhône is a peaceful and quiet river, and one of the longest in Europe. In autumn, along this river, the trees change colour and then lose their foliage to offer a magical and unique spectacle. Thanks to this cruise of about 3 hours along the Rhône, you can be part of this enchanting experience and let your eyes get lost in the distance, admiring the golden shades offered by the landscape from the boat’s deck or from your seat: the choice is yours.

Our tip: During the cruise, you will also have the chance to enjoy the beauty of the picturesque villages of the countryside. To book it you could e-mail at or call at +41 22 732 47 47

Take a relaxing cruise along the Rhône

Photo credit: Christian Baud-Grasset

“Pick-your-own” fruits and vegetables

Residents love local fruits and vegetables, but they enjoy picking them up by themselves even more! What could be healthier and more exciting than picking your own products?

In the countryside, all year round, different producers open their doors to allow you to meet them and harvest your fruits and vegetables in their gardens. During the beautiful autumn days, this is for sure an original and authentic experience to share with your loved ones! In addition to harvesting your own products and leaving with your basket, during the day you will also breathe the fresh air and admire the hills of a spectacular autumnal countryside.

Our tip: The products you will pick are seasonal and quite often bio. Apples, pears, grapes, potatoes or carrots will be under the spotlight this fall.

Pick-your-own fruits and vegetables

Photo credit: Eric Jeanneret

Find treasures in flea markets

Flea markets and antique markets are particularly appreciated by the locals. Beyond being able to find wonders and rare antiquities, they are an incredible occasion to meet, discuss and share a coffee with each other.

In Carouge, every first Sunday of the month, from March to October, the charming and flowery Place du Marché becomes an open-air flea market. Stroll around, let yourself be carried away by the bohemian atmosphere and perhaps be tempted by one of the many lovely restaurants located in the surroundings and narrow streets around the square.

If you prefer to find antiques along the water, the flea market taking place every last Sunday of the month (apart from August) in Nyon, a small town located a few minutes by train from Geneva, is certainly an experience not to be missed! The magnificent exhibits on display at the various stands of this characteristic market offer visitors the opportunity to travel through time and dream. Furthermore, in Nyon, a wind of conviviality blows all year round.

Our tip: While in Nyon why not visiting its incredible Château and its museum? This amazing 12th century building offers all year round stunning exhibitions and an incredible view of the lake.

Find treasures in flea markets

Photo credit: Unknown

Taste the delicious oysters from Chez Henri

At Henri Gouzer, it’s a little bit like at home, with oysters and champagne on top!

This trendy oyster bar is a gastronomic place appreciated by the locals. The Grands crus wines are specially selected to be perfectly combined with the oysters. The seafood products on the menu are a real delight and a wonderful discovery for the taste buds. Nothing is better than enjoying such a relaxing aperitif at the end of the day!

Our tip: The bar is located in two different parts of the city, both nearby the lake. It’s up to you to choose between the lively Pâquis district or the trendy city centre.

Taste the delicious oysters from Chez Henri

Photo credit: Themis Nastos

Take a stroll or bike on the lake side

To make the most of the orange autumn shades, there is nothing better than a stroll or a bicycle ride on the shores of Lake Geneva. More than just a moment of relaxation, it is your chance to observe the majestic swans that slide on the water but also to admire the dance of reflections on the water offered by the trees and the surrounding vegetation.

Starting from the Parc de la Perle du Lac and simply following the water, you will end your romantic journey at the foot of the famous Jet d’eau.

Our tip: In Geneva, you can rent bicycles for free at GenèveRoule all year round and 7 days a week!

Take a stroll or bike on the lake side

Photo credit: Unknown

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